NRST: Descent Rate & Airport Finder

Going for a flight? Use this flight navigation app for iPhone and iPad to help you determine descent rates and find airports.

Augport: Augmented Reality Airport Finder HUD

When feeling a little stranded up in the air hold up this augmented reality flight app to see airports near you. Fighter pilots rely on heads up display just like this.

Cessna Skylane N9747H

Take this plane on an amazing bay tour of San Francisco. If you are a pilot you can fly it yourself.

Toonces is the cat who could fly a plane. Send us an Email or check out our non-aviation products below.

Here are some other ventures Chris Hobbs has created or helped create.


A digital playspace for kids to have early play learning. Brought to you by Lumosity. His eyes look like they are open but he is really sleeping.


Target dynamic creative ads at you in real time. It will rock your CORE.

These are mostly technology experiments created by Chris Hobbs with a focus on iOS and Ruby. Find Chris on LinkedIn and Facebook and GitHub and WordPress and Email.

Puppies & Ponies

Your little tikes will love this kid safe image browser. Puppies! Ponies! Pictures!


This is an open source airport database using Cocoa Core Data for iOS and Mac.

Clooney's Liar's Dice Online

If you can't make it to your favorite bar tonight or just need some practice then play liar's dice online. Maybe you'll make some new friends.

Clooney's One Four Twenty-Four

Play 1-4-24 or midnight dice online against the computer. You will lose.

Corbox the Boombox

This is the dopest boombox app you'll ever put on your shoulder. Get it for iPhone or iPad.

Balls: Puzzle Cube Simulator

Like the puzzle cubes you once got in your stocking, tilt your device to roll your balls into the holes. Sound easy? Think again. Download these fun balls from the iTunes store.

Radon Map for Home Safety & Testing

Use an interactive map to determine radon risk in your area. Download this interactive radon map of Santa Barbara from the iTunes app store.

ABC Scrabble Tournament Dictionary

There is a Hasbro Scrabble dictionary but it's censored. Check out the complete Scrabble tournament dictionary here.


A FetaPet is man's best friend in a jar. FetaPets love be loved and give love.

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